Never would have guessed I have room for strawberry plants!!

There is something akin to a miracle that happens when I’m in the garden.  Any bit of sadness or anxiety fades away; it’s just me and the plants.  I used to wonder why but then one day it dawned on me that I like nurturing and somehow that nurturing feeds back and I feel better when I’m done.  I’ve also recently learned about Grounding.  Who knows, maybe that’s the reason I feel better!  Either way, I love gardening and it seems to love me too.

Last year, despite me only have a small bit of yard, I dug up a bit of it and planted a lot of tomato plants.  Too many tomato plants actually.  I also added zucchini plants and some herbs and pepper plants – and late in the year I tried planting a tomatillo plant (there wasn’t enough time for it to fruit though).

I also built a raised bed that’s about 33″ x 95″ so I could plant peas, cucumbers, beans, carrots and beets without the bunnies eating them 🙂

This year I’m skipping the pepper plants – the space they take vs the one or two peppers I’ll get isn’t worth it – and drastically reducing the tomato plants.  I’ll still put peas in the raised bed and maybe cucumbers and I”ll skip the others – the harvest isn’t worth the space they take up.

The most exciting thing of all though is that I’m adding in Albion strawberry plants in the main garden!!!

I just happened to be on Facebook at the right time and an organic farm that I follow posted that they were thinning out their strawberry patch and selling the plants they don’t need – hello little miracle!!  Luckily I was able to post that I wanted some so I could get on the list – and now I’m the proud owner of 25 plants!!

So thankful for the gorgeous blue skies this weekend – the plants will be going in.  But first I have a LOT of cleaning up from last year that I need to do 😉