I am a badass and I need to stop doubting myself

I started this blog over a year ago with simple intentions and quiet enthusiasm.

I just wanted to write.  To add my voice to the blogosphere. To share the cool little things that seem to happen every day.  Some little, some big. But all, I felt, noteworthy.

Because I felt like, if I didn’t write them down to remember them, that they didn’t somehow matter as much or that I was showing a lack of appreciation.

I bought the url, set up the site and got rolling; got excited; got creative; got giddy; got analytical… got… stuck and started overthinking each post and wondering if people would read it and think I was a fraud and that I was being ridiculous thinking that anyone would want to read what I’d write.

And so I froze.

I started this blog over a year ago and only published… four, just 4, only FOUR… posts.

Oh but I wrote… I wrote 17.  They’re just all hiding in draft form afraid to come out where people can see them. Like me after a haircut. I feel good about it but I’m afraid to look into your eyes in case you hate it.

Anywho, I read somewhere that it’s one thing to disappoint others or for others to disappoint us, but it’s quite another thing – a tragic thing – for us to disappoint ourselves.

And so.  I’m going to call up my inner badass and get to blogging.

I’m not going to question every post to the point of keeping it in draft form and, perhaps much to your dismay, I’m not going to take days to edit each post.  If I do that I’ll lose the feeling of the day and the emotion won’t be fresh in my mind anymore.

So today is day one. And I’ll just share one thing little miracle – this past weekend I read this book You Are a Badass and it is a game changer for me.  There are lots of good bits but some I love are the nudges about meditation, the importance of being grateful, and lessons on “how to tap into the motherlode”.  Because who doesn’t want to tap into that?


Can I fill up on carbs all day and lose weight? Yes, yes I can!

When it comes to weight loss there are all kinds of options.  The trick is finding one that suits you and that you can stick to.

A few years a go I tried eating high protein and low carb.  Seemed easy enough – but I lasted less than 2 hours.  What can I say, I love carbs and if I don’t eat them I feel hungry and deprived.  Not a good recipe for long lasting weight loss and maintenance.

So, although I wanted so badly to fit into my Summer pants, I just couldn’t figure out a way to make that happen.  Enter the Starch Solution.  I found a few Facebook groups talking about it and supporting each other.  I joined them, read a lot, asked questions and I gave it a go – eating baked fries until my belly was soooo full.

And the first week I lost over 4 pounds!!  And I was never hungry lol!!  How crazy is that?!  No pills, no supplements, no prepackaged meals or shakes.  Just real food.  Yah buddy!

So here’s the thing: we’ve been lied to.  Plant based, real food carbs are not in fact bad for us.  You go look it up, buy some potatoes and fill your belly hun.  Because maybe your Summer pants miss you as much as you miss them.

So now I’m continuing along as a very happy camper – baking fries, microwaving potatoes, cooking rice and gobbling up lots of veggies.

Summer pants, I’m coming for you!

Never would have guessed I have room for strawberry plants!!

There is something akin to a miracle that happens when I’m in the garden.  Any bit of sadness or anxiety fades away; it’s just me and the plants.  I used to wonder why but then one day it dawned on me that I like nurturing and somehow that nurturing feeds back and I feel better when I’m done.  I’ve also recently learned about Grounding.  Who knows, maybe that’s the reason I feel better!  Either way, I love gardening and it seems to love me too.

Last year, despite me only have a small bit of yard, I dug up a bit of it and planted a lot of tomato plants.  Too many tomato plants actually.  I also added zucchini plants and some herbs and pepper plants – and late in the year I tried planting a tomatillo plant (there wasn’t enough time for it to fruit though).

I also built a raised bed that’s about 33″ x 95″ so I could plant peas, cucumbers, beans, carrots and beets without the bunnies eating them 🙂

This year I’m skipping the pepper plants – the space they take vs the one or two peppers I’ll get isn’t worth it – and drastically reducing the tomato plants.  I’ll still put peas in the raised bed and maybe cucumbers and I”ll skip the others – the harvest isn’t worth the space they take up.

The most exciting thing of all though is that I’m adding in Albion strawberry plants in the main garden!!!

I just happened to be on Facebook at the right time and an organic farm that I follow posted that they were thinning out their strawberry patch and selling the plants they don’t need – hello little miracle!!  Luckily I was able to post that I wanted some so I could get on the list – and now I’m the proud owner of 25 plants!!

So thankful for the gorgeous blue skies this weekend – the plants will be going in.  But first I have a LOT of cleaning up from last year that I need to do 😉

From 8000 Fitbit steps to 13000 steps!

I was telling myself that 8000 steps would be okay today – even though my daily goal is 10,000. But part of me was whispering “what about those Summer pants and suit jackets that don’t fit you?!”

Just this morning I had put on a Springy, green suit jacket for work only to realize that it was too tight.

So, instead of settling for 8000 steps, I texted a neighbour on the off chance she’d like to join me. And lo and behold she was just checking the weather because she also wanted to go for a walk!

So not only did I meet and surpass my step goal, I got in a great visit with a great friend too!! Such a lovely end to my day <3

Cute boots and a little bit of snow.
Cute boots and a little bit of snow.