Can I fill up on carbs all day and lose weight? Yes, yes I can!

When it comes to weight loss there are all kinds of options.  The trick is finding one that suits you and that you can stick to.

A few years a go I tried eating high protein and low carb.  Seemed easy enough – but I lasted less than 2 hours.  What can I say, I love carbs and if I don’t eat them I feel hungry and deprived.  Not a good recipe for long lasting weight loss and maintenance.

So, although I wanted so badly to fit into my Summer pants, I just couldn’t figure out a way to make that happen.  Enter the Starch Solution.  I found a few Facebook groups talking about it and supporting each other.  I joined them, read a lot, asked questions and I gave it a go – eating baked fries until my belly was soooo full.

And the first week I lost over 4 pounds!!  And I was never hungry lol!!  How crazy is that?!  No pills, no supplements, no prepackaged meals or shakes.  Just real food.  Yah buddy!

So here’s the thing: we’ve been lied to.  Plant based, real food carbs are not in fact bad for us.  You go look it up, buy some potatoes and fill your belly hun.  Because maybe your Summer pants miss you as much as you miss them.

So now I’m continuing along as a very happy camper – baking fries, microwaving potatoes, cooking rice and gobbling up lots of veggies.

Summer pants, I’m coming for you!

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