From 8000 Fitbit steps to 13000 steps!

I was telling myself that 8000 steps would be okay today – even though my daily goal is 10,000. But part of me was whispering “what about those Summer pants and suit jackets that don’t fit you?!”

Just this morning I had put on a Springy, green suit jacket for work only to realize that it was too tight.

So, instead of settling for 8000 steps, I texted a neighbour on the off chance she’d like to join me. And lo and behold she was just checking the weather because she also wanted to go for a walk!

So not only did I meet and surpass my step goal, I got in a great visit with a great friend too!! Such a lovely end to my day <3

Cute boots and a little bit of snow.
Cute boots and a little bit of snow.